I'm Paul

a tactical product designer and skilled facilitator with a knack for experimentation and a drive to tease out product-market-fit.

What I do

Workshop Facilitation
Product Strategy
User Research
Information Architecture
Low Code
Interface Design

Case Studies


Guiding Principles

Curiosity breeds innovation

Questions left unconsidered are missed opportunities. A life without curiosity is one that perpetually accepts the status quo and its inherent struggles. Curiosity leads to questions, which leads to the identification of problems and the incubation of opportunities.

Learn through action

Strategizing, planning, and forecasting are useful tools that help us compare potential outcomes.  A plan is just a hypothesis. The results can only to be trusted when all variables are unanimously understood. The only way to learn what people think or how they behave is for them to show you through their actions.

Perfection is expensive

In every decision we make, we weight the opportunity cost of the options. Perfection is costly in time, money, and other resources. There are times when perfection pays off, but many others where a "good enough" feature or design provides the same value at a lower cost.

There are no absolutes

There is a reason I titled this "guiding principles" and not "personal creed". There are laws of the universe and biological truths, but even these are subject to question if new evidence is introduced. Our world is in constant flux. We should, therefore, be open to new and evolving interpretations of reality and manners of interacting.

Human well-being > GDP

I care about re-ordering the priorities of our capitalist system to incentivize betterment of human life rather than the expansion of production. I have no interest in enforcing the systems of power and oppression that currently govern our lives.